It was 20 yrs ago today........

well..... actually more like 40 something (wow - just did the math - almost 50! in 2014!) when my high school friend Carol and I first heard the Beatles on a car ride on December 17, 1963. It turned out to be the first day that DJ Carroll James at WWDC in Washington DC played "I Want To Hold Your Hand" on American radio. We were on our way to see a friend on the other side of the city which was a car ride of over an hour.
We were both juniors in high school.
By the time the ride was over we were total BeatleMANIACS!

The Ed Sullivan Show!!!
Beatlemaniacs get to see their heros in action, eyes glued to the set.

I took photos of the TV while the Beatles were playing --->  

Waiting at Dulles Airport

We rushed to the airport when we heard the Beatles were coming to DC to play a concert. We waited there for what seemed like days and then learned they had traveled by train from NYC to DC. Some said it was because of the snow, but I think it was because they are English. <G>
pic of us waiting at the airport
(somewhere in the archives)


Me, Linda and Cathy going to A Hard Day's Night

August 64

this is me-->





October 64



Me and Holly
in NYC

Patti Boyd West Village shots

Are we Patti Boyd
or what?

George Doll-->

And then -- here we were in Shea Stadium! August 65
this is not my ticket - just an example!

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