McCartney Wedding


SIR Paul McCartney's daughter Stella begged him to call off his wedding just hours before the service insisting: "It's still not too late to change your mind."

The fashion designer, 30, rowed with her dad during the amazing outbust in front of shocked guests, the Sunday People can reveal.

Her sister Mary, 31, joined the attack on the ex-Beatle's bride-to-be Heather Mills.

An insider who witnessed the scene said: "The girls made it clear they thought their father was doing the wrong thing.

"They told their dad he still had time to pull out of the wedding but Sir Paul was adamant he wouldn't change his mind."

Our new revelations come after we were the first paper to report both the DATE and LOCATION of the showbiz wedding of the year last Tuesday at Castle Leslie in Co Monaghan, Ireland.

Some friends fear the wedding eve bust-up may see the McCartney children turn their back on their 59-year-old dad and bride Heather - who at 34 is just three years older than Mary.

The insider said: "Family and friends didn't know where to look, it was that embarrassing. Sir Paul tried to stay calm but was very hurt by his daughters' outburst. Since he began seeing Heather his children have always refused to accept her as their stepmum so he knew they disapproved.

"His children hadn't seen much of their father recently so perhaps it was Stella's and Mary's last chance to make a face-to-face plea to their dad."

The row erupted when Sir Paul - whose first wife Linda died of cancer four years ago - talked through the wedding details as Heather slept in another wing.

"He started telling the girls of his own pre-wedding nerves and I think they took it as a sign he was having reservations," said the insider.

"Within minutes it was a full scale row and when one of the girls suggested Paul could still cancel, he was outraged.

"It got so bad some of the other family members thought Stella and Mary might leave that night. But they stayed and kept out of their dad's way."

Bad feeling between Heather and Macca's daughters had already surfaced when the bride refused to let Stella design her dress - reportedly saying her creations were "too tarty".

And as Stella and her sister mingled with the 300 guests - including brother James, 23, and stepsister Heather, 37 - they avoided Sir Paul.

They also stayed well clear when Heather showed off her diamond studded wedding ring.

Our source said: "In his speech Paul made no reference to the girls or any support they'd given him since Linda's death.

"He was trying to make sure it was a happy occasion."

Sir Paul, now on honeymoon in Long Island before heading for the Caribbean, has previously admitted: "A second marriage is hard for children."

And our source struck an ominous note for the future by saying: "He's now made it clear where his priorities lie.

"He has also failed to build a bridge between his children and his new wife."

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