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cha cha and wuzie go to Charlotte!


On Thursday morning about 2 am I am reading the PPs and think to myself, ding dang it, I WANT TO SEE CLAY SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM! And I want a Bobblehead doll. I'll just check to see if tickets are still available. Oh, how about that, they are.... AND THEY ARE ONLY $20 EACH! How far is Charlotte from here anyway? ::surfs over to mapquest:: OMG - it's only 7 hours away! That's do-able!! Notice friend's name on IM list - shoot a quick email (away sign on) - WUZIE, I AM ABOUT TO BUY TWO TICKETS TO SEE CLAY SING IN CHARLOTTE ON SATURDAY ARE YOU IN?? I wait 2 minutes for an answer, all the time eyeing the "Reserve Tickets" button. No answer yet. I decide to click another step further and see what seats are available. Section 201 can't be that far away.... where's my credit card? (But Mr Trusty, it all happened so fast, I don't know what came over me!) What's that saying? It's easier to get forgiveness that to obtain permission?

Now I have the tickets and I don't even know how I am going to get there! I decide I need tact to present the case to Mr Trusty. I settle on the fact that we once drove to Boston to look at a CAR that was advertised on ebay (insanity actually does run rampant in my family). I asked Mr Trusty if he would drive to Boston to see a real person. (backup plan B) With the knowledge that he would, I told him it was only in Charlotte NC and it was CLAY and he was only the backup plan in case Wuzie couldn't go. He was rooting for Wuzie!
Wuzie was a little harder to win over, she had hurdles. Like work in the morning, sons and husband to drop off at the airport and a dog to arrange for. It was lookin grim for Mr Trusty. But Wuzie pulled thru! By 11:15 am Saturday morning, we were on our way! Watch out Charlotte - here we come!! I was so excited I scared the woman in the car in front of me, she pulled over and let us pass on the 2-lane road to I-95!
And with the radio blastin' I was drivin' just as fast I can now -- Listening to Clay the whole way down we made it in record time, getting there about 5:45. We had to weave our way thru the campus (the directions I printed out at 3 in the morning were a little hap-hazard LOL) to find the Microtel, but on the way there, we found the Lotus Flower! And parked the Claymobile in the appropriate spot.

LOTUS FLOWER BLOSSOMS Taking mental stock of paraphrenalia, camera, bag of Clack, big smile, we walked into the restaurant armed to the teeth. And into the bosom of the Broads. What a welcome! It's amazing to me that almost strangers can be united by a common bond. That's another thing I love about CLAY AIKEN! He has led me to all of you.


STATE OF DELUSION MichDB made an awesome banner for us - she lives about 20 miles from me and I had to go to NC to meet her! The flag was designed by Cindy, don't you just love it?


Flag of the State of Delusion

Lift me UuuuuuuuuP - - - - - - -
To the nosebleed section!!!

Fortunately the arena wan't that big. Unfortunately section 201 was the last section the farthest away from the 49ers main section. I brought binoculars. This photo is made with the 5x digital zoom on my camera!
The seats come a tumblin' down... There were two Broads sitting in front of us and as I was getting aquainted with them (sorry what were your names again? Please email me! LOL) the whole row of seats collapsed! We took this as a sign that maybe we could get better seats if we reported it. It was not to be. A security guy slammed them back and fixed them and there we sat. The game was about to start. And then ...
CLAY SINGS! He had me at "OH........." I never thought I could love the Star Spangled Banner so much! Damn I love this country! I decided to take someone's advice and not worry too much about taking pictures. God Bless you whoever you are. I think I love you. I just shot a short vid with my Canon and watched and listened the rest of it. With chills running hither and yon all over my body!
THERE WAS A GAME? I was glued to the binoculars and wondering whether I should hold up my sign. The broads in front of us combed the arena and found Clay sitting at a table on the opposite end of the court. I had my eyes peeled to see if he ever looked up our way. But alas he didn't, at least not while I was watching! I glanced at the clock and with a little under 5 minutes to go to the half, he gulped his water down and left with Jerome.
AND THEN HE REAPPEARED... It is amazing to me how generous that man is, first he waives his appearance fee, and then he DONATES $20,000 to the school's special ed department! What a guy!! Then the sponsors (Food Lion and Healthy Choice - THANKS for the Bobblehead!) donated $20,000 to the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, so it was a great night all around. (wait, that last part was after he sang :-))

Clay has a surprise for us!! The dj announces "the hottest, I mean HOT-TEST ... will sing his hit "Invisible" ...but Clay had other plans. He says "But first, I have a surprise for you.." ...and he starts with "Something 'bout the you look at me...." (Clay honey.... I am so sorry I made you so nervous you forgot the the way the words to the way were supposed to go. I guess I shouldn't have let you know I would be there. You were still adorable anyway and the special moment we shared was unforgetable. I will always love you, forever. xox cha cha) ..."I can't put ma fingers on just what it is that makes me love you.... don't ask me to describe, I get all choked up inside...."

I worked the h*ll out of that lil camera, but this is the best I got!

Oh Granny, Where Art Thou? We missed some people. I am so sorry. I admit to having tunnel vision while there and even more so since I was glued to the binoculars.

BOBBLEFEST CONTINUES... After the game our Broad in Charlotte NSSTclacked us all out until around 2 am, my first Broadfest! It was wonderful to be among those who can appreciate the merits and talents of The Wonderous One since at home I am mostly a party of one.

Although my daughter made an astute observation when I said "at least Clay doesn't lip synch" she said "He doesn't have to..."

Late night Clackers

THANKS TO ALL THE BOBBLEFEST BROADS who made me feel so much a part of the group. I look forward to many more in the future. Your smiles and love are etched onto my heart and felt while driving away from Charlotte and into the morning sun. Ummm, make that afternoon sun, through dark glasses. :-)


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