Notes on the Concert Footage...

Alas - I didn't get to go to a concert this summer, but I got all kinds of Clack to watch and here are some notes I took while watching (rewinding and rewatching some more!)

Panties!!! the first time I noticed them, there were two pairs of red thongs. Clay and Ruben were both dressed in white for their "the girl is mine" duet. Ruben put one pair on Clay's head. Then Clay did the same to Ruben.

They really work well together.

Clay looks REALLY good all in WHITE!!

The clutches he did are a stitch -- it is SO SEXY!!! pant pant
I have heard Invisible so many times in the past 2 days my head is buzzing!! LOL

aside note: I really like that song "I Know how the River Feels" now <G> Is it originally a country song? Who did it first?

I loved the medley of BeeGees songs Clay does with Ricky and Charles!

Clay started tucking his t-shirt or jersey in ONLY in the front at some point during the tour -- looks great!!

He always wore a suit to sing TITN -- he looks so good!!

In Raleigh after the TITN rendition he got like a 5 minute ovation. During the part of the song that goes "I've been waiting forever for this" he pointed down to the stage and the crowd went wild!

The crowd went wild EVERY night!!! Is he truly a phenon!???

At one show, someone threw boxers onto the stage and Clay put them on over his all-white outfit! They were sparkly and he pulled them out and curtsied. LOL

Another night, Ruben was talking and Clay was walking around just picking up panties.... he said "I'm just gonna clean up these panties while you talk" LOL Then Ruben said it was great to get donation but he didn't think the Children's hospitals could use all those panties!

Speaking of pants -- there is a clip of Clay clowning around inside a pair of Ruben's pants!! They come up to his ribs!! LOL

He rose on a platform below to enter the stage to sing TITN with smoke swirling all around. Sensational!

That's all I've got - I wish I had gone to the concert - I don't even know when it was !