1:46 p.m.

BEVR: cha cha trusty in St Lou 3/21/04


......... of the Infamous Lecherous BROADS... (line forms to the right... LOL)

I will chronicle this a best as I can through my post-Claytal state.........

8 pm, Mon, 3-22

Back home from St Lou, catching up on the PPs and watching my shorts being picked up onstage by Clay, still feeling pretty euphoric about the whole experience. OMG - he is laughing (and trying to sing at the same time!) and you can hear me scream!! I was on my way back to my seat and didn't catch everything. God Bless *lis* for getting that for me!

3:30 pm, Mon, 3-22

Reading sex manual tour program on the plane... listening to concert mp3s and checking out the clack on my camera. Occasional glance out the window to make sure we are still in the air cause I am definitely flying!

11am-1pm, Mon, 3-22

Had to say goodbye to the best roomies in the world! I miss you gurrls!

3am, Mon, 3-22

PJ party with da broads, & Cleddy the Spritzer Bear, in our room, listening to Solitaire and getting bangs on the wall from next door. We tried to keep it down, honest, didn't we, gurrls? It just would not stay down! More broadly full body hugs as we went out in our PJs to drop them back at their hotel. Then we went back to careful examination of the sex manual program...

KILLER D, KJ in OKC, cha cha, Lorelei
Christina, KJ, cha cha, Lorelei


12 am, Mon, 3-22

Full body hugs from a million broads at Houllihan's while I make my way slowly and reluctantly towards the door!

cha cha & Maylon

10ish pm, Mon, 3-21

Preparing to hear reports of other Broadly Pursuits, peppered with hugs from Studdly Young Waiter. He messed up my chicken fingers order and apologetically brought me chicken wings for free as the kitchen was closing. I forgave him with a kiss on the cheek, and he kissed me back! Was it because I smelled so good?? LOL He knows how to rescue a starving broad! What a Brude. Tasted 6 million of the best desserts in the world and several drinks amid blanket feelings of euphoria, general well-being and accomplishment. My shorts made it to the hands of THE CLAYTON! Special tablemates made the evening much more fun... as did Fun with Studly Young Waiter resembling John Mayer!

Christina and SYW
Rainbeaux and SYW
Jill and SYW
Gini and SYW
cha cha and SYW
KJ and SYW

9-OMG-something-pm, Sun, 3-21


CLAY IS HOLDING MY SHORTS! (no, not that way, but let your imagination run wild!)

Walking, running, NO - FLOATING BACK TO MY SEAT - getting high 5's and hugs on the way back from perfect strangers (but comrades in ClayLove) I catapulted to my 4-from-the-aisle seat by walking right across the chair seats! More high 5's and hugs from Killer D and our new concert buddies.


I dashed up the right side of the floor seats with shorts in hand weighted with a bag of herbal throat drops, took aim, and PLOP! THE SHORTS LAND RIGHT IN FRONT OF CLAY as he is seated on the steps singing No More Sad Song (I have shorts! LOL) [here I feel I must apologize for doing this during a very serious song, but it was my only chance from where I was sitting] Clay looked down when the shorts landed.... sang a few more bars.... gave a decided long look to the side from whence they came (you can hear me screaming on that part too!) ... sang a couple more lines... got up and walked over to them and picked them up.... brought them close up to see the donuts (are those Krispy Kremes? Ah can't think about Krispy Kremes now, Ah'm singin'!)... and this is where he almost cracked up.... but he kept on singin'! He then walked back a couple steps with them and layed them down on the stage with a gesture to someone as if to say "make sure these get backstage, please!" Somewhere about then I felt a touch on my shoulder of the security guard reminding me to go back to my seat. Good thing, too, because I was rooted to the spot. Oh, did I mention the shorts had a very strong scent to them? Spritzed with the contents of my "registered parcel" from the UK. ::lecherous grin:: Right about now I am losin' it and running across chair seats.....

30 minutes before........

The strains of Kyrie fill the air, the lights go down and Killer D and I leap up on our chairs seats! THE CLAYTON is coming down our aisle! I wanted to see him with my own eyes while he passed four seats from me. I looked and looked and then couldn't resist snapping one picture. There were some very tall people next to me!

3 hours before...

Speakin' of chair seats The Hard Rock was Rockin to the tune of Y...M...C...A... all that talk of "Young man" got me up for the concert even more than before. Clack was flowing freely like there was no tomorrow. Or was that the beer and the vodka gimlets? (roomie?!!) Thank you to all Broads who gave Clack, I love every morsel and every one of you! Soon we were walking to the Savvis Center for the primo CLACK of primo CLACK! THE CLAYTON IN PERSON!

Lorelei and Cligger
Linda in the Lou and Big Microphone
Gini and Lorelei

3 pm, Sun, 3-21:

Tigger gets a make-over and poses in his new hair.We rename him "Cligger"." <--not sure of punctuation ::wink::

2 pm

After finding a Clig for Tigger, watching WDC Grand Prairie on a laptop in the lobby of the Hyatt, we headed to the restaurant for brocolli soup, salad, and some friendly Clayversions. We encouraged both the waitress and the hostess to forget work and come with us to the concert........ (but after we got our food!) How dare they have RL's! They considered it... Learned that the Arch was sold out ....

12:30 pm

Walked to the Arch and encountered a really long line shivering in the cold wind. Settled for some pix in front of the arch instead of lift tickets...

KILLER, Lorelei & cha cha


10 pm the night before...

Comedy club... GAVE IT UP as one of our Broads killed us dead! (striking a deadly pose herself in the process)


8 pm

Choco-bar - frozen banana - Lecherous Broads - Nuff said!

6 pm Mexican Restaurant

Earlier that afternoon....

Showing off my shorts in the lobby!


Up late ironing the donuts onto the cotton material and appliqueing them onto the shorts. Did I mention that sewing machines hate me? Here is where I apologize to Clayton for the quality of the stitiching! Clayton, please don't hate me, because sewing machines do!

the preceding week:

So much to do: find a pair of basketball shorts, t-shirt transfers, making the neccessary adjustments to the photographs of the Krispy Kremes, pack for the long trak to St Louis

Single Release Day

Purchased several Solitaire singles and picked up a half dozen Krispy Kremes -- seemed like a really good combo! I posed two of the Krispy Kremes for a photograph before sampling one!

Several days earlier........LBFCA Anniversary - 3-12 ---THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT!

Read the Anniversary MP, revisited NSST's encounter with the CLAYTON, and watched the video of the interview. As I watched Clay saying "It's um, it's flattering I think...that's a compliment I've never had before, donuts on my butt..." (Donuts)




cha cha




writing and photos by cha cha except Clay Showing Shorts (but a teeny bit of photochopping was done on that one!)