Fun Stuff you can play with



Lissajous Lab - Fun with lines

Monty Python Online!

The Moonlit Road (Ghost Stories!)

Your Mom! - torpedo game

How to keep an idiot busy
(or anyone for a few minutes)

Guess the Beer


Car Talk's Time Kill Central

The Woodshed - Neato-Keeno Stuff

Astrology 3D Site

I am in the process of
checking these links -
but if any are broken please send email to: susan(at)

also - if you have any cool sites you'd like me to add to this page - please send!!





Furniture Porn!

Linda's Makeover Magic!

Hexatron Games

Eakles Family Site

Sanity Test

Crayola Creativity Central

Bunny Survival Tests
The Bunnies Strike Back

The Lord of the Peeps

Things that Tigger has learned
(it seems Eeyore has learned the same stuff)

Marylin's Silly Website

Totally Useless Office Skills

Not in my Backyard Cartoons and Games

Memory Games

Another Cool Memory Game

Lynsey's Mania


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