When I started learning web design I used all the free programs I could find on the web. I started with the AOL program called Personal Publisher. Then I progressed to Netscape Composer, and Microsoft Front Page. I am currently using Macromedia's Dreamweaver.

The first site I designed for someone else is the "Dale Adler Online Gallery" - designed for a local artist. This opened up a whole new dimension; with so many beautiful images to work with the site practically designed itself. Take a tour of Dale's Gallery and you'll see what I mean. Don't forget to come back here afterwards!

My client list consists of only a few well-satisfied customers. Take a look at "Casey Hanes' Home Plate Sports" page. Lots of information here for Casey's sports management business.

Recent endeavors include Advanced Muscular Rehab, in which I created a relaxing and unique online home for Mary Molnia and her massage therapy practice.

Some photography work has incuded shots of the Karen Murray Ensemble, a violin soloist organising a tour abroad.

Several volunteer sites I have created include the Hand Family Association Online, Voters to Stop Sprawl in Prince William County and the Advocates of the Rural Crescent Prince William County

Check out more design samples here, and more photography here.

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.....all photos, designs and digital artwork © Susan MacAuley

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