The Catskills in the 70's


The window to the Catskills and windchime - Mary Ann's Porch


Rene under the house


Easter Egg

More Easter Eggs and Rene


Butch's Daughter

the Window in the kitchen


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Catskills 1970 --opening page - swimming hole, Ernie on Main St,
Butch and Beaver, John and Mr Reed, Sus in tree

.....pg 2 -- wind chime, Rene, Easter egg, Rene with Easter eggs, Butch's daughter, window with bottles

.....pg 3 -- Alfredo's gallery, Alfredo in front, Ernie, Joelle, Lenny playing

.....pg 4 -- river with snow, same river with different snow, farm shot, mountain shot, swimming hole

.....pg 5 -- Ernie and me

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