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carping the diems

Carping each diem is my delight,
Diems both mellow and recondite,
Those wearing flowers, with ribbons bedight,
Dressed in green or autumn gold light.

Summer diems with mint sprigs and wine,
Semi-diems with sunsets scented with pine,
Mini-diems with red grapes from the vine
Double diems with rock shows and a long line.

For the snows of yesterwinter are gone
evanesced into summer's burnt lawn,
Quite disappeared, by the sun's light drawn
Into sunrises as pink as prawn.

All sages advise that all diems we seize
And drain them of joy until they sneeze
Before we are carried off on the breezes
Or our senses senesce because we are geezers.

Taste while ye can, and listen and sniff
Gaze at the the stars and play a riff.
Of life's full bouquet get a real big whiff
Before your joints and your brain get too stiff.

Another poem by the famous Anon.!!