What to Wear

Although the wedding is not a "traditional formal" wedding, we hope you will choose to wear something spiffy, like you would wear to a garden party. Comfortable shoes are encouraged. The main festivities will be indoors and there will be a few outdoor activities afterwards. It is a short walk to the bathhouse and craft house where some other activities may take place. Cabin overnighters will of course have a place to change, and there will be other places available for everyone else.

Come dressed for fun and enjoyment!

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Suggestions of what to bring to the Pot Luck Reception:

your favorite casserole
your favorite dessert
your special recipe
vegetarian delight
veggie surprise
hors d'oeuvres
fried chicken
Please label your dish and serving utensils

Suggestions of what to bring to spend the night:

Sheets and Blankets or Sleeping Bag, Pillows
Flashlight or Lantern
Extra Change of Clothes for after Reception (plus coathangers)
Extra Shoes and Socks
Hiking Gear for Sunday

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