Bridal Registry -- The road less traveled.


Dear Friends and Family,

Scott and I both, deep down, are nomads. To us, life has been a parade of different phases (so far), and each different phase has molded us and made us better prepared for the next. Forever seeking adventure, we considered the overwhelming mountian of possibilities we could pursue in the phase at the beginning of our (hopefully!) long, happy lives together. So we have decided to be nomads. We are going wherever the wind takes us for approximately half a year after the wedding, in our "new-slightly-used" RV, which we will purchase directly after the wedding! Then, if luck is with us, we will be gainfully employed as seasonal park naturalists for the following spring-summer season in one of many of our country's beautiful national parks! We intend to "repeat this process" for as many years as we are able to avoid growing those proverbial roots.

This is why, for our wedding, we are asking guests to temporarily forget the tradition of gifting us with housewares. Our motor home will come fully equipped, and basically, we will have no room for nice towels, sheets, etc. So, instead of having a bridal registry, we have decided to make the following simple request. If you would like to help us in living out our dream of traveling, you can make a contribution to the purchase of our new home, in lieu of gifts. We are working hard all summer to pay for an RV much like those pictured, and every little bit adds up. Honestly, we will not be able to express the happiness and gratitude that finally owning an RV would bring us. To us, the RV is more than a car, and more than a home; it's the freedom of the open road - it's our vehicle to adventure!

I would like to at this time thank each and every one of you for understanding and tolerating our quirky yet sincere dream of owning an RV. I believe that life is too short to leave stones unturned, a path not followed. Thank you so much and we are all going to have a blast at the wedding!!!



P.S. By the way, if you do not feel like contributing to the RV fund, that's OK, just don't miss the wedding!



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